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Reallocation of work of verification of data, Settlement and Reimbursement of Universal Subsidy claims regarding in the respective CCA/Jt CCA and present status thereof in M.P.Circle Bhopal.

 Previously till 31st March 2005 the work of Verification and Monitoring of data, Settlement and Reimbursement of U.S. claims in respect of M.P. and Chhattisgarh Circle was entrusted with the Jt. CCA Chhattisgarh Circle Raipur.

Further, Vide O. M. No. 30-15/2004-USF(vol.III) dated 31.3.05, the DOT USO Administration, New Delhi has been re-allocated the work of Verification/Monitoring of data related to the U.S. claims for various activities of M. P. Circle to the respective Jt. CCA with effect from April,2005. The DOT New Delhi has also instructed that the claim settlement and reimbursement thereof are still continue to be settled by the respective Jt. CCAs as was contained in the letter of even number dated 05-02-2004 until further orders ( Para 2 of letter dated 31-3-05)

Now as per above orders the CCA/Jt. CCA MP Circle has been entrusted with the responsibility of verification of around 27,000 VPT, 1200 MARR replacement (Multi Access Radio Relay), 1000 RCP(Rural community phones), 2800 New VPT in uncovered villages besides Rural Direct Exchange lines(RDELS) of around 2,00,000 for which subsidy claims worth around Rs. 150 crores of 34 SSAs in M.P. Circle.

On joining of regular Jt. CCA on 30-09-2004 in MP Circle Bhopal, this office has written a letter on 18-10-04 to Administrator, USO DOT New Delhi for diversion of USO Fund to M.P. Circle which is yet awaited and likely to be diverted from the month of April,2006.

Out of 34 units in M.P. Circle this office has been inspected and physically verified and completed the 25 units. For remaining units the TRA data have been called for from the concern units for verification.